Anna and Gabriele Braglia, the founders of the Foundation, named after them, have spent the last 50 years exploring their passion for art, discovering and collecting the works of famous artists of the twentieth century from Picasso to Balla and Modigliani, as well as many others.

Mr and Mrs Braglia are also among the largest collectors of Italian Slovenian artist, Anton Zoran Music, including his watercolours, drawings and oil paintings.

The German Expressionism collection is of particular importance with artworks by major artists including: Klee, Kandinsky, von Jawlensky, Macke, Marc, Münter, Nolde, von Werefkin, etc.

With the establishment of the Foundation, in Lugano on June 6, 2014, Gabriele and Anna Braglia fulfill their desire to maintain the integrity of their art collection over time and to promote and share artworks with a wider and wider audience. Their sons, Riccardo and Enrico, are delighted to support this initiative with enthusiasm.

Gabriele and Anna Braglia have managed and administered the establishment of the Foundation’s exhibition space in Lugano with the same passion they have dedicated to the search of the artworks. The large exhibition space was designed and built with great architectural precision by architect Carlo Rampazzi, assisted by the skilled craftsmen and technicians, and it is equipped with the most advanced technologies for the preservation and display of this important collection of art.



Gabriele Braglia


Anna Zanoli Braglia †


Riccardo Braglia

Chief Executive Officer of Helsinn Group

Paolo Bottini

Lawyer, Studio Legale Bär & Karrer

Michael Beck

Art dealer and editor, Beck & Eggeling, Düsseldorf

Giampaolo Henauer

Fiduciary, accountant, Repa Group




Gaia Regazzoni Jäggli

Artistic Director

Francesca Fogola Pinauda

Direction Assistant

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